Lane Cove Family Lawyers

Alternate Dispute Resolution may soon be compulsory for separating couples who wish to finalise property settlements through the Courts.

This and other initiatives are at the heart of the recent enquiry into the Family law system so as to make it better placed to assist separating couples.

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Neutral Bay Family Law

Engaging a family lawyer can be a daunting step. We understand that each matter is unique and we tailor our advice to suit you. If you are looking for an Accredited Family Law Specialist near Neutral Bay

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Share Options

Share Options 4 July 2019 By Lisa Wagner & Stuart Colderick Are you separating and you or your partner entitled to a share option?  Are

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June 2019 Family Law Case Watch

Are you in a difficult Family Law battle and feel you cannot actively participate in it? Do you think that you have personal circumstances impeding on your ability to do so? Do you have a family member or close friend who knows your state of affairs as well as you do, if not better, who you would trust to provide instructions on your behalf? If you find yourself in this position, read on to understand in what circumstances a “Case Guardian” may be appointed to manage the conduct of a family law case.

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Mediations and Domestic / Family Violence

What do you do when there has been domestic and/or family violence (‘DFV’) in your life and the other party wants to proceed to Mediation? Are you still required to attend?

What if you have been the victim of DFV but you actually feel safe enough to attend a Mediation? Are you automatically excluded?

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May 2019 Family Law Case Watch

Do you wish to change your child’s surname following a separation from your former partner? Alternatively, has a request been made by your former partner to change your child’s surname?

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