June 2019 Family Law Case Watch

Are you in a difficult Family Law battle and feel you cannot actively participate in it? Do you think that you have personal circumstances impeding on your ability to do so? Do you have a family member or close friend who knows your state of affairs as well as you do, if not better, who you would trust to provide instructions on your behalf? If you find yourself in this position, read on to understand in what circumstances a “Case Guardian” may be appointed to manage the conduct of a family law case.

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Mediations and Domestic / Family Violence

What do you do when there has been domestic and/or family violence (‘DFV’) in your life and the other party wants to proceed to Mediation? Are you still required to attend?

What if you have been the victim of DFV but you actually feel safe enough to attend a Mediation? Are you automatically excluded?

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May 2019 Family Law Case Watch

Do you wish to change your child’s surname following a separation from your former partner? Alternatively, has a request been made by your former partner to change your child’s surname?

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Separation and Tax Debts

Outstanding tax liabilities and unsecured debts to third parties can demand consideration for many facing separation and wreak havoc for parties wanting to reach fair outcomes.

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Lawyer Assisted Family Law Mediation

There are many issues that arise for parties when they separate. These consequences are not simply limited to legal issues. Separating impacts upon a person’s emotional, economic, physical and social well-being. It can also result in a displacement of a person from their social support network. Lawyer assisted family law mediation is suited to accommodate these broader considerations.

It is relatively accessible, affordable and client driven.

And it empowers parties to achieve their own workable solutions once their intimate relationship has come to an end.

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Family Lawyers Mosman

Divorce Lawyer servicing couples and families in the Mosman area.

Divorce Lawyers helping separating couples for over 20 years.

Are you looking for an experienced family lawyer to help you with your separation and divorce?

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March 2019 Family Law Case Watch

Our March 2019 Family Law case, Stradford & Stradford [2019] FamCAFC 25 focuses on the approach taken by the Family Court in respect of the husband’s failure to provide full and frank disclosure which resulted in his imprisonment.

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Family Lawyers Sydney

Have you been looking for a family or a divorce lawyer in Sydney that you can communicate easily with?

Are you thinking of getting a divorce?

Have you spoken with some family lawyers but are not happy with the answers you received?

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers are specialists in this area and can guide you through this stressful journey of divorce following separation.

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Tips for you to help keep your Family Law costs down

We understand that divorce and separation is wrought with costs.  The emotional cost of separation and the costs of maintaining two homes can be really significant.  We understand that you need to do what you can to keep in control of the additional costs of legal representation and so we have set out some tips below to help you save money on the legal costs associated with your divorce. 

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