Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Our family dispute resolution services are a successful way of achieving settlements best for your family that will stand the test of time.

Staying out of Court allows you to remain in control of the process and your future. Mediation is flexible and can avoid the duplication (and costs) that litigation brings. In Australia more and more separating couples are opting for court alternatives to tailor solutions to their particular family law circumstances.

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers offers competent and caring registered Family Dispute Resolution practitioners that facilitate a cooperative approach towards reaching agreements. If an agreement is not possible our family dispute resolution practitioners are registered to issue s.60I certificates so that you can file an Application in the Court.


We have an enviable track record of achieving favourable out of court settlements through negotiation, round table conferences, collaborative practices, mediation, family dispute resolution and arbitration.

And we don’t stop working hard to achieve the best negotiated outcomes for all our clients even if the court process has started. Our aim is to help you reach agreements in relation to all the issues that arise when you separate. Our reputation depends on achieving that goal for you.

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Weekend Mediation for Separating Couples

We understand that separation can add to life’s pressures. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our weekend mediation service can minimise the disruption of a separation allowing you to focus on what really counts, your children and your financial security.

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