Our Approach

We focus on delivering a quality service

Your children and your financial security are likely to be the most important things to you.  We understand that.  It is reflected in all the steps we take on your behalf to help you secure the best family law outcome possible.

You can be confident that we will :-

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Explain each step as you go, so you know exactly where you stand
  • Communicate to you clearly and not get “bogged down” in legal jargon
  • Be transparent about our charges
  • Represent you and your family law interests as you want to be represented
  • Be available to answer your questions

This is our promise to you.

Find out how We Can Help


Our Principal, Lisa Wagner, is an Accredited Specialist in family law. Lisa has been recognised by the Law Society of New South Wales and her peers as possessing the necessary skills, experience and practical “know how” in this increasingly specialised area of law.

This singular focus enables us to channel our resources into maintaining a top knowledge of Family Law, as well as being able to provide comprehensive advice regarding the range of legal options and solutions available to you.

We are also experienced family law litigators, with the honed skills and invaluable years of court experience to expertly present your case. While going to court can be often avoided, if and when the need to do so arises -you’ll be glad that you are represented by a confident and experienced litigation team.

The FAQs

Legal matters can sometimes take you into unfamiliar environments (such as a court), or require you to share personal information. To help you feel more comfortable with this process, we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Initial Consultation

What to Expect | Costs Involved | What to bring | Whats the Commitment

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Is it right for me | Will it work | Why choose us | First Steps

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Attending Court

Where is it | What to wear | How Long Does it Take

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Our Fees

We aim to give our clients value for their investment in us

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