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Providing trusted advice with quality representation

Family Law is Our Expertise

Family Law matters can be difficult for the people involved. It’s our job to make it easier, by providing you with trusted advice and quality representation. As a firm, we believe in exploring all available options, including mediation, negotiation, collaborative law and litigation, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


Turning your emotions and goals into a plan of action.

Finances & Property

Securing optimum outcomes best suited to your particular financial circumstances.

Where You Stand

Providing answers to all your important questions along the way.

Mediation & Family Dispute

Keeping control of the process from start to finish.


Covering all the essential legal steps in an easy to understand way.


Prioritising your children’s best interests at all times.

Collaborative Law

Working together to achieve practical and positive family solutions.

De Facto Relationships

Ensuring the results accommodate your unique family situation.

We are a dedicated family law firm

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers is a professional and accomplished team of dedicated and experienced family lawyers. We are ready to handle your matter effectively and efficiently, and able to provide you with reliable, direct and practical advice.

With years of experience in Family Law, Doolan Wagner will give you the confidence of having a respected team represent your interests. Family Law matters can often add to the pressures of life; we believe it is our job to ease as many of these…

Family LawyersSydney

At Doolan Wagner, we focus on reaching successful client outcomes, as well as providing quality of service. We want every client to leave us satisfied that the advice they receive has delivered the best possible outcome for their situation.



Family law mediations are really no different to any other mediation and are most successful when you plan and are thoroughly prepared. Ensure your Family Lawyer has explained to you your best and worst scenario should a negotiated settlement not be achieved at your mediation. Without understanding the “goal posts” it is difficult to recognise what is possibly the best family law solution for your matter during the mediation.

Remember also that family law mediations can take all day – your Family Lawyers Sydney will tell you about the timings. You should be as prepared as your family lawyer for the entire process. If an intake session is not scheduled ahead of time then the first part of the day is likely to be taken up with preliminary matters including the mediator ensuring that they understand what is important to you. After an agenda is set a lot of time in family law mediations is then devoted to identifying options and reality testing solutions before a negotiated settlement can be successful.

A huge number of our family law clients reach successful outcomes at mediation and it may just be right for you. Ask us today at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers about how we can help you and whether a lawyer assisted mediation is right for your family law matter. We are ready to assist.


Negotiations in family law matters are often very nuanced and emotionally charged. An experienced family lawyer with many successful negotiations behind them are an invaluable resource. Negotiating in family law can be as simple as compromise and compromising again. However, ideally experienced family lawyers working together can achieve “win-win” solutions for separating couples. Successful family law negotiations must start with truly understanding what the real issues are. Clearing away the “noise” and getting to the heart of the matter and what matters to parties following separation places you in the best position to achieve an optimal outcome for you and your family following a separation.

Family law negotiations can take many forms including round table conferences, exchanging letters and even “coaching” from the sidelines to assist you negotiate around the kitchen sink.

If you need help with a family law kitchen sink negotiation, want a family lawyer Sydney to go in to bat for you at a round table conference or are at a stage where it is necessary to engage a family lawyer to draft a persuasive letter setting out your objectives, then that is what we do. Please contact us today at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers.

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My family law matter did not require lengthy court representation and therefore my case charged accordingly. I felt your fees represented excellent value.

- Kristen R
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Thank you so much for all your work and your extreme generosity and care. You outwitted a bully and you did it in a non-violent and peaceful way.

- Kim D
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Lisa was always ready to talk me through matters and make sure that my expectations met those the law allowed.

- Jeanine M
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The advice provided and the professional manner in which you handled my recent divorce were exemplary, you explained complex issues, whilst ensuring that my business and superannuation interests were protected.

- Warren S
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I want to commend Nicole on a doing such a great job handling my matter. Nicole has been terrific and I feel very confident going forward in this sometimes difficult and complex case.

- Nancy H
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I know how much work you both did behind the scenes to ensure a good outcome for me and it is very much appreciated. It is good to feel for the first time since this began that things have started going my way.

- Simon L
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From my first meeting, I knew that I had met the person best able to steer me through the arduous times ahead, in my family law matter.

- Chris B

Let us help you  Through Your Divorce



If you are trying to avoid the threat of going to court after your separation and want to stay in the “drivers seat” then Collaborative practice may just be the right avenue for you to explore to reach a successful outcome.

Collaborative practice in family law involves a series of conversations convened by a neutral coach with your family lawyer present. You commit to enter into discussions in good faith and stay out of the court system. It’s a relaxed and supportive process and one which embodies a conversation-style of resolution where there is no ‘threat’ of Court looming over your heads as you negotiate and where you are both committed to negotiate in good faith. It also enables parties to feel empowered and as though they have a voice which is listened to by their partner.

This pledge to the process is what ensures the integrity of the matter and assists in reaching effective and often very tailored solutions to couples following a separation.

We have family & divorce lawyers in Sydney trained in collaborative practice available to assist you walk through this process if you are interested. Collaborative practice may be right for you. Contact us at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers for an obligation free consultation to discuss whether it will work in your case.


When other avenues have failed or might not be right for you, litigation in the family court will be the “next step”. A family lawyer Sydney with experience in the court system is what you need at this time. As a specialist practice, family law and appearing in the court is all that we do. Our reputation in the court system is important to us and will assist you in securing the most optimum and cost effective outcome as quickly as possible. It is true that family law litigation can be expensive and emotionally fraught. Without an experienced and caring team behind you advocating your interests it can just seem too hard.

If litigation is your next step or you are currently involved in the family court system and feel that it is not working for you we may be able to help:-
1. We have accredited family lawyers

2. We are a small tight-knit team – you will not get lost in our  system nor will you be overlooked.

Each of our clients matter to us. It matters that your experience is positive. It matters to us if you are involved in litigation that you have a strong advocate putting forward your best case. We have years of experience working with prominent counsel and well regarded barristers and a stable of experts who we regularly engage. We are well equipped to assist you if family law litigation is required. We are here to help. Contact us today at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers.


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