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Parenting Coordination

Mastering a difficult transition


Parenting Coordination aims to help you master the often difficult transition from intimate partners to co-parents.

Parenting Coordination is a non-confidential child-focussed alternative dispute resolution process particularly suited to parents who have had difficulty resolving child-related disputes.

Doolan Wagner has qualified and fully trained Parenting Coordinators to help you.

Parenting Coordinators can help with:

  • organising “makeup” time and “swaps”;
  • coordinating holidays and vacations with your ex;
  • making travel and passport arrangements;
  • reaching agreements about recreational and extracurricular activities, tutoring, vacation care and school choices;
  • health management of children;
  • successfully navigate religious observance and education with your ex;
  • child rearing issues (eg, body piercing);
  • improving communication between parents;
  • handling reoccurring substance abuse (eg, testing);
  • managing the roles of significant others (eg, step parents and grandparents);
  • day to day disagreements including sharing children’s items.
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Parenting Coordination is a hybrid role offering:

  • assessment;
  • parent education;
  • coordination and case management;
  • communication oversight and skills training (may include email monitoring);
  • conflict management including discussion, a form of mediation and negotiation and consensus building;
  • coaching;
  • monitoring/compliance; and
  • as a last resort, providing non-binding directions.

A Parenting Coordinator can help you:

  • implement your parenting plan;
  • resolve urgent child issues that arise out of an Order or Parenting Plan;
  • reduce conflict;
  • refocus parents on their children’s needs;
  • improve your problem solving skills as a co-parent;
  • better communicate with your ex;
  • avoid the legal system;
  • fill in the “gaps” in your Parenting Plan or Consent Order.

Parenting Coordination is not:

  • therapy or counselling;
  • formal evaluation or investigation;
  • diagnosis of psychological conditions;
  • mediation (only);
  • legal representation;
  • arbitration;
  • confidential

Parenting Coordination is different from mediation and family dispute resolution as it is:

  1. not a process to negotiate or develop a complete Parenting Plan or Consent Order. Family dispute resolution and confidential mediation are better suited to this and
  2. is not confidential. Unlike mediation and family dispute resolution you will both be accountable for your behaviour.

A Parenting Coordinator provides a strong buffer for separating families.  A Parenting Coordinator is a stabilising presence.

Parenting Coordination can reduce child stress, can improve the co-parenting relationship and can increase parental cooperation and respect.

Parenting Coordination is a good alternative to the Family Court system and can reduce the possibility of future litigation.

It promotes good outcomes for children after separation.


Who are Parenting Coordinators?

A Parenting Coordinator is a qualified professional (either a lawyer or social scientist) who has undertaken specialist post graduate training.  It is important to choose a Parenting Coordinator who is properly qualified and complies with the guidelines for parenting coordination from the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Our Parenting Coordinators have an array of post graduate training and are well suited to assist you with your difficulties.  Our Parenting Coordinators are available for parenting coordination in person and by telephone and zoom.

How much does parenting coordination cost?

Parenting Coordination is usually conducted as a 90 minute joint session once each month (or as otherwise agreed) for a fixed period of up to 12 months.  This period can be shortened or extended by agreement.

Parenting Coordination sessions are charged at a fixed rate per parent per session.  These costs can be met by different arrangements (eg, one party may offer to meet the entire cost of the Parenting Coordination course).

How to appoint a Parenting Coordinator?

Contact us now to book an introductory information session at a reduced fixed fee.