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Do you need an Accredited Family Law Specialist in North Sydney for your separation?

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers have been providing divorce and family law advice and assistance to people from Sydney’s North Shore and North Sydney for more than two decades.

Our family law experts have assisted in the resolution of a wide variety of family law matters including:

  • Divorce Applications, both for couples who have been living separately and apart under one roof and those requiring substituted service on a spouse who is difficult to locate and/or serve.
  • Financial/property settlements, including assisting clients to disentangle themselves from complicated corporate structures and self-managed superannuation funds, and/or requiring input from independent professionals (such as accountants, expert valuers and financial planners) to ensure they are as tax-effective and low-risk as possible for the parties.
  • Parenting matters, including those requiring the proper documenting of informal parenting plans as agreed between the parties, contested issues before the Court (sometimes involving an Independent Children’s Lawyer or third parties), and allegations of abuse and/or family violence.
  • De facto matters requiring division of property and/or arrangements for the care of children.

Because we have been working with people from North Sydney for over twenty years we have come to know that North Sydney’s community has been changing. The 2011 Census has shown that there has been a steady increase in the number of couple families, both with and without children, in the area and a decrease in single-person households over the last twenty years. Overall there has been an increase in the number of families with infants aged 0-4 years now living in the North Sydney area. As well as this there has also been an increase in the number of retirement-aged people who are seeking to downsize but live near good transport amenities and whose family law needs are obviously very different from young families.

Our years of family law and divorce experience means that regardless of your personal situation, whether you are part of a couple, have children or are starting to enjoy your retirement years, our family lawyers can really provide sensitive guidance through the separation and divorce process because they are experts in their field and over the years they have “gone through” a variety of relationship breakdowns and family law issues with our clients. Whilst your experience of your separation will be very new to you, we are so familiar with this area of law that we are best placed to help you through your separation and divorce and the unique challenges this “change of life” experience can throw at you.

Whatever your circumstances may be, we believe it is of paramount importance that if you are contemplating or experiencing a separation or divorce you seek expert assistance and advice from a specialist family lawyer early. A Specialist Family Lawyer will give you proper guidance on how best to take the next steps on your post-separation journey and can assist you to develop a proper legal strategy to confidently approach your family law matter.

We believe that with our help you will be in the best position to negotiate and secure the optimal outcome that will work for you and your family whether it be in relation to actually separate or negotiating your property settlement or parenting matter. We will take the time to listen to your story and hear your needs. We can assure you that any advice and direction we give you will be tailored to your personal circumstances and your family’s needs.

The family law experts at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers are committed to providing the highest quality legal advice to all of their clients and pride themselves on providing sensitive and personal service and support because we understand how difficult the separation and divorce process can be.

We will use our best endeavours to keep your relationship breakdown as amicable as possible and won’t contribute negatively to what is already a difficult time for you. We are professionals who will do our best to settle your matter using collaborative practice and avoid the court process wherever possible. The benefits of using the collaborative practice approach can be best summarised as:

  • giving you and your former partner the ability to have generous input in and control over your matter.
  • allowing independent professionals (such as accountants, financial planners, finance brokers and counsellors) to also have input into the family law process so that they can give you and your spouse practical assistance and support and enable you to each “put your best foot forward” post-settlement.
  • keep the overall costs down by attempting to settle matters via alternate dispute resolution methods such as negotiation (including attendance at roundtable settlement conferences), mediations and arbitrations, and wherever possible avoiding the court process.

However, as highly experienced family law experts we understand that sometimes some families/couples require the assistance of the Court to resolve their matter. If you need to approach the Court or defend proceedings commenced by your spouse you can rest assured that our experienced family lawyers are capable of providing you with strong court representation and are best placed to assist you in respect of arranging the preparation and filing of court documents and evidence for such proceedings and/or preparing you for attending Court.

Our Services:

  • A full range of Family Dispute Resolution and mediation services including collaborative practice. We can also provide parties participating in Family Dispute Resolution with s.60I certificates when required.
  • Preparation of clients for undertaking negotiations with their former partner or spouse and/or commencing in the family law court process;
  • All aspects of negotiating Property/Financial Settlements, including negotiating provisions for spouse maintenance, child support, adult child maintenance, superannuation splitting
  • Drafting and reviewing settlement documents including Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreements, Deeds of Release in respect of commercial entities and Release Agreements in respect of future Succession Act claims;
  • Drafting and reviewing all manner of court documents including Applications, Responses, Financial Statements, Affidavits, Subpoena, interim applications etc.
  • Coordinating your family law matter with regard to estate and succession planning issues. Our family law experts can also provide you with practical advice about how best to protect your family’s assets against claims by third parties (including new spouses and second families) and protecting yourself against a future Succession Act claim.

Are you separated or thinking about separating? Do you need some expert family law advice about your rights or your responsibilities and where you stand? If you answered yes to any of the above then the team of highly regarded Family Law Specialists and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers can help you. So call us on 94370010 or

Our principal, Lisa Wagner is an Accredited Specialist who is recognised by the Law Society of NSW. As a result of her accreditation on the Accredited Specialists scheme, we can confidently say that our family lawyers are leaders in the family law arena on Sydney’s North Shore and accordingly we are one of the best-placed family law firms located near North Sydney to assist you to make the best decisions about your future based on the reality of your own personal circumstances.

These posts are only intended as an overview or comment on current issues that may interest you and are not legal advice. If there are any matters that you would like us to advise you on, then please contact us.

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