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The division of property can be stressful for couples looking to start anew. The delays and ongoing costs (both emotional and financial) can take their toll.

We are here to help you to protect your entitlements and move forward with your life.

Today, there are many financial structures, investment types and superannuation options available, and it’s increasingly important to choose a Family Lawyer who understands how to identify, value and advise regarding the effective division of assets.

Our clients have often accumulated a range of assets, and each needs to be accounted for in a Separation or Divorce. We are familiar with varying financial and commercial structures, and can provide knowledgeable advice regarding how to obtain an accurate and appropriate valuation, ensuring all assets are included. 

Your property may include the following:

  • Real Estate (such as your home or investment property)
  • Superannuation (including self-managed super funds)
  • A Business, or interest in a company operating a Business
  • Shares
  • Savings or Funds in the Bank
  • An Interest in a Trust or Deceased Estate
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Personal items, such as Furniture and Jewellery

Often clients are concerned by the ownership of assets, with property in their partner’s name. We can help you to protect your legal interests in these assets, and work towards a fair and equitable division of your property.

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The importance of Superannuation

It’s easy to overlook the significance of Superannuation, given that it’s not often thought of until your retirement nears. For many couples, their Superannuation forms a significant part of their asset pool.

If one partner has had significant time out of the workforce to raise children, it can skew the balance of Superannuation towards the other party, but the court will seek to impose an equitable division and we can help ensure it is done right.

At Doolan Wagner, we understand the importance of Superannuation for both today and for your future. Splitting Superannuation can be a complex process, and there may be taxation and other consequences to consider. We can help.

As experts in providing advice regarding Family Law Superannuation, you can feel confident that your interests will be well represented. If you have concerns over your assets, we can help.

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