Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers Welcomes Belinda Viset

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers is pleased to announce that Belinda Viset has joined our firm as a Family Lawyer in the position of Associate.

Belinda was admitted as a Lawyer in December 2009 and works exclusively in the area of Family Law since 2013.

Belinda started her career as a Family Lawyer at Legal Aid NSW. During this formative period, she had the opportunity to advise, assist and represent countless members of the public in a diverse range of family law matters, encompassing all stages of Family Law Matters from initial negotiations through to Final Hearing. Working at Legal Aid NSW has given Belinda a broad and unique exposure to Family Law matters concerning children, specifically in relation to complex and high-conflict parenting matters where there are allegations of abuse, neglect and family violence. Belinda is able to advise clients in relation to a wide range of matters including:

  • Consent Orders
  • Parenting Plans
  • Orders concerning:
    • Parental responsibility
    • Who a child should live with
    • Who a child should spend time with; and
    • Other specific matters concerning a child’s best interests eg. change of name.
  • Recovery Orders,
  • Family Law (Airport) Watchlist Orders,
  • Children’s Passports and International Travel,
  • Relocation Orders,
  • Child Support,
  • Orders for substituted service and dispensation of service,
  • Magellan Proceedings involving allegations of child abuse,
  • Contravention Proceedings,
  • Applications for Divorce; and
  • Proof of Parentage.

More recently, Belinda has been working as an Associate for a national law firm where she worked in the Family Law Team. During this period, Belinda was able to sharpen her skills in Property and Financial matters and was successful in settling a considerable number of Property and Financial matters during Mediation, or by way of Consent Orders, thereby avoiding the need for her clients to ever set foot in the Court room. Belinda is able to advise clients in relation to a wide  range of Property and Financial matters including:

  • Financial Agreements,
  • Consent Orders,
  • Superannuation Splitting,
  • Exclusive Occupation Orders,
  • Spousal maintenance Orders; and
  • Enforcement of Consent Orders and Financial Agreements.

Throughout her career, Belinda has appeared for clients during legally-assisted Family Dispute Resolution Conferences, at various Local Courts in NSW, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia and various registries of the Children’s Court of NSW.

Belinda is experienced in briefing and working with Counsel and allied professionals, such as Psychologists and Accountants, to ensure that sound advice and a collaborative approach is taken to your unique case. She is also committed to gathering the best possible evidence to support your case, which is particularly important if you need to take your case to Court.

  • Belinda has special interests in:
  • alternative dispute resolution,
  •  property and parenting matters which have an international aspect,
  • the changing landscape of the Family Law system,
  • complex parenting matters; and
  • assisting grandparents and “non-parents” to apply for Parenting Orders.

Belinda empathises with the stress and uncertainty that clients, and their family members, experience when they are involved in the Family Law system. Belinda’s commitment to advancing her knowledge of Family Law, together with her breadth of experience and natural empathy, mean that you are supported and can feel confident that you are represented by a lawyer who is well-honed in her craft.

Belinda can be contacted on 94370010 or

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