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Monday 27 February 2017 marks the start of a 2 week rolling list in the Sydney Registry of the Family Court where 11 judges will have listed before them almost 70 matters for hearing.

It is largely an initiative to address the dire shortage of family law resources and the consequent delays experienced by separating families in the court system. It is yet to be seen whether it will have any real positive long term impact on achieving timely family law outcomes for separating families who have been unable to resolve their matters amicably.

Achieving just and equitable outcomes in family law matters in a cost effective and expeditious way remains a challenge. More and more as a community we look to alternative means to resolve disputes. Mediation, Family Dispute Resolution, Conferencing and now Arbitration remain in the forefront of the minds of most experienced family lawyers in an effort to serve client demand. We simply want the best outcome for our clients and constantly strive to investigate and make use of strategies and forums to achieve that end.

On Saturday 18 February 2017 our family lawyers attended the latest Family Law Intensive Conference in Sydney. The day was well attended and again provided our professional staff with the support and up to date knowledge necessary to remain ahead of the game.

Dr Krabman spoke about family violence and options available for perpetrators of abuse and Federal Court judges and experienced family law barristers were available to share their insights into how the court must now operate so as to deal with the growing demands placed upon it.

The dedication of our professionals is a credit to each of them as they give up their personal time to ensure that the service we provide to separating spouses is second to none.

As a firm we continue to grow in size and are pleased to welcome Lucy Warhurst on board this month as a new addition to our family law team. We pride ourselves on being a strong and hardworking personal team and most importantly a team that is able to relate to and support our clients who face serious personal challenges in their lives

The many hundreds of clients whom we have helped over the years are the reason for our success and growth and to each of them we extend our sincerest thanks.

Despite the challenges that 2017 present, we remain optimistic that positive outcomes are achievable after separation and it remains a privilege to help, advise and represent people experiencing separation and divorce.

Well done Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers.

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