Keeping in control of your Family Law Matter

Not many of you would go into a travel agency and leave it up to the travel agent to choose your destination and your itinerary. Similarly, I have never come across a fellow diner who has left their entire menu choice to their waiter when they go out to a restaurant for dinner

Why is it then that when people separate they are prepared to leave even more important decisions, that is decisions about their children and their financial future, up to someone else, i.e. the Family Court Judge?

This question is perhaps not as important as the question of how you can ensure that the decisions about your family can still be made by you following a separation. How can you ensure that decisions are not left up to someone who ultimately does not know you and your family as well.

Some of the best ways that you can keep in control of your family law matter include:

  1. Fully understanding your legal rights and responsibilities. Knowing where you stand about all the relevant family law issues is crucial and it is best that you get this advice early and from a lawyer specialising in this area of law.
  2. Retaining the right family lawyer for you. Ensure that you choose someone who is not only recognised as a specialist in their field but also can relate to you and your individual circumstances. Each family is unique and it is important that you engage a family lawyer who provides personal service so you are well supported each step of the way and able to make the best decisions possible as you go.
  3. Ensuring that your family lawyer has a solid and respected reputation in their field. It is only when your family lawyer is held in high regard amongst their colleagues and peers that your legal position and your family law rights and entitlements will be able to be progressed and secured.
  4. Following the advice you receive from your family lawyer and any experts that are retained to assist you in resolving your matter. Family law is a multi-dimensional area of law touching upon psychology, accounting, actuarial studies, medicine and the like. The list is endless and you should not be expected to be a master of all relevant areas yourself. You need to defer to experts at times and feel confident relying upon their advice. After all, that is what they are there for.
  5. Be willing to compromise. It is unlikely that you will completely resolve your family law matter and secure the best outcome for your family without being realistic about the possible outcomes and being sometimes prepared to make compromises and sacrifices.

So, to recap, my five sensible suggestions to stay in control of your family law matter are:

  1. Get specialist family law advice early;
  2. Employ the best family lawyer who is right for you;
  3. Be satisfied that your family lawyer has a strong reputation;
  4. Follow the expert family law advice that you receive; and
  5. Be open to negotiate your family law matter.

With these strategies you will be in the best position to resolve the difficult separation issues that you and your family may face.

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