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With 30 years of experience, Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers are local to Lindfield, and can efficiently guide you through this challenging time.

It’s no secret that separation and divorce can become complicated. To ride this wave and arrive at the next chapter of your life with ease – take a moment to shift your focus on these three things.

  • Keep calm and take care of yourself. It will minimise angst and foster good decisions.
  • Be prepared and get your paperwork organised. It will avoid delays later.
  • Get help from a family law specialist in Lindfield. They will navigate this process with you.

This summary will walk you through exactly how to focus on these things.

If you have any immediate questions, Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers Lindfield can help you answer them over the phone. We have helped many clients on Sydney’s North Shore & Lindfield find peace of mind during their separation.

Keep calm and look after yourself

When you have a clear head, you will make good decisions.
Simply acknowledging that it will be a turbulent time is the first step to looking after yourself.

Keep calm with easy exercise. Daily walking to unwind and 10 min meditation is achievable. Exercise is usually the first thing to stop when you’re in a difficult situation. But there are so many benefits, so stay active. It will ease anxiety, create some thinking space, and guarantee you a good night’s sleep. By shifting your focus to being physically well, you will naturally improve your emotional health.

Keep communication calm with your ex-partner. It’s easy to fall into destructive patterns with your partner during a separation. Try to sidestep this, by keeping the conversations clear and specific. If the situation does become unworkable, it is time to find professional help.

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A positive mindset is a goal. There will be certain issues that cause you pain and sadness, try to identify these in advance and have a plan to handle it. Write in a diary, communicate via email.
Instead of conversations with your ex, vent to a friend about your worries, seek counselling, take a boxing class! Whatever it takes. When you work through it, you will handle it, and this is positive.

It’s wise to keep your separation private for a while. Be aware of the potential need for sympathy
and avoid posting anything on social media. Social media can be misunderstood and you can’t control other people’s comments. Anything you post electronically about a family law matter that identifies individuals, including children is an offence. It may be unfavourable to your case down the track. Disable your account today.

Be prepared and get your admin organised.

I know it sounds boring! Stay with me…it’s worth it.

It may get tricky down the track. When emotions run high, sometimes there is an attempt by one partner to de-rail or delay proceedings. If you’re prepared in advance you can avoid delays.

The first step is easy – gather key documents.

Start collecting relevant documentation into a folder. This way they can be referenced quickly, allowing formalities to proceed without any drama. Original certificates are best, but copies will be ok too. A family lawyer will request a list of documents for your circumstances. Here is a list to get you started.

  • Passports, marriage certificates, latest bank statements, superannuation records,
    certificates of title for property, real estate agreements and of course, pre-nuptial
    agreements if you have them.

You may already be asking – Can I keep the house?

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Before this can be answered, the household finances need to be assessed. It’s time to take the second step, make a list of jointly owned assets.

Money can bring out the best and worst in people. It can be the most contentious aspect of a legal separation or divorce. And while a family lawyer can negotiate the terms for you, some planning now will allow for more pragmatic conversations later.

  • Major assets include the family home, investment properties, share portfolio,
    superannuation, businesses, cars, boats, holiday homes. And minor assets,
    include household items, like jewellery, art and electricals. Try to include an estimated value
    for each item, and note any debt associated with the item too.

The main aspect of splitting financials during a separation is considering the household budget. This can be complicated with responsibilities like school fees, mortgage and insurance to consider.

Ask Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers what’s relevant for your circumstances. A little planning will help you stay focused but know when to ask the experts.

Get help from a professional Lindfield divorce lawyer

To survive a separation or divorce you will most certainly need guidance from an experienced and dependable family law team.

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers will walk you through the intricate legal process and will support you to achieve a hassle-free settlement for you.

When you meet with them, we will,

  • Methodically review your case,
  • Present an assessment of all relevant scenarios for you,
  • Discuss the options available and
  • Provide you with practical advice at every stage.

The Principal of Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers, Lisa Wagner is a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and an Accredited Family Law Specialist with almost 30 years experience. Her team all hold additional qualifications. We are highly experienced to negotiate, mediate and / or litigate financial settlements and co-parenting agreements for you.

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers are well known on Sydney’s North Shore, being only 10 mins from Lindfield. Our professionalism and sensitivity will keep you on track to finalising your legal separation or divorce.

These posts are only intended as an overview or comment on current issues that may interest you and are not legal advice. If there are any matters that you would like us to advise you on, then please contact us.

Family Lawyers Lindfield FAQ’s

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Can I place a caveat on my former partner’s property?

You must have a caveatable interest in the property in order to do so and having been in a marriage or a de facto relationship alone does not automatically create a caveatable interest in your partner’s property.

Is a Parenting Plan binding on my former partner?

Unfortunately no. A Parenting Plain is not binding on either party, however can be used to show the parties’ intention.

How is child support calculated?

Child support is calculated on the basis of a formula which includes the income of both parties and the percentage of time the children spend with either party.

Do we have to go to Court?

No, parties are not required to file documents with Court. In fact, the Courts generally encourage parties to resolve their family law matter without the need for Court intervention.

Will the Court make my former partner and I go to mediation?

Generally yes. In most cases parties are required to attend Court, unless there are exceptional reasons as to why mediation is not appropriate (i.e. family violence).

Can the Family Court make orders for my protection if I have experienced family violence?

When the Family Court makes parenting orders they can also make a Personal Protection Injunction. This helps protect you by restraining the other party.

When can I apply for a Divorce?

If you have been separated for more than twelve (12) months, the Court accepts this as evidence of the fact that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.  Separation can occur whilst you are still living in the same house.