Will my homemaker contributions count in my family law matter?

Are you facing a separation after spending 5, 10 or 20 years at home raising a family?

Are you concerned that the time you devoted to your children and the home for many years won’t be properly considered?

This is often a huge concern for many women and homemakers when they separate.

It is also a question that is often asked by many men who have spent countless years in their marriage going to work each day and earning an income for their family.

How does the Family Court balance and consider these different contributions?

If these questions are important to you, then read on…

The Family Law Act provides that the Family Court must assess all the financial and non-financial and direct and indirect contributions that are made during a relationship. It is only after this has occurred that the Court can determine a “just and equitable” property settlement outcome.

As family lawyers we are called upon each day to weigh and consider all of the particular contributions made in each family law case that we see to assist clients reach agreements about their financial and property matters after they separate.

The contributions that each party makes to a marriage can vary enormously.

It is often difficult to understand how the Family Court takes into account the different types of contributions that parties make to their overall matrimonial pool of assets and their family’s welfare during a marriage.

Moreover, some types of contributions are much easier to identify than other types of contributions. For example if you have been the primary breadwinner during the entire marriage then it is relatively easy to provide evidence of the direct financial contributions that you have made to the acquisition, conservation and improvement of the assets of your marriage. You can simply provide copies of your Income Tax Returns, bank statements and mortgage documents during the relationship as evidence of those contributions.

Spouses who have contributed say primarily as homemaker and parent often feel more unsure about how they can show the contributions they have made over many years. A parent who has made the school lunches for the last seven years of the relationship may have nothing to show for that effort but a child’s empty lunchbox!

The Family Court however does recognise these direct non-financial contributions as being significant and treats them accordingly, especially in relationships of long duration where children are involved.

Contributions of homemaker and parent are also regarded in a more direct way. By one spouse taking care of the house or the children the other spouse is essentially “freed up” to participate in the workforce in a meaningful way, earning an income that perhaps they would not have been otherwise been able to enjoy if they were required to take responsibility for the home front.

In brief, if you are experiencing a separation or contemplating a separation it is important to understand exactly how all your contributions to the marriage will be taken into account. It is also important to understand how your spouse’s contributions will be regarded. It is only when you receive proper expert family law advice about your individual family circumstances that you know where you are likely to stand should you experience a separation.

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