We help you make informed decisions 

Today, a Family Lawyer can be an important resource when evaluating significant life events.

Empowering Your decision-making

Many clients come to us prior to deciding to get remarried or before Separation, so they can understand the likely impact their decision will have on their assets and their children.

Having a consultation with us is a great way of empowering your decision-making. You can learn where you stand legally, and what practical steps you can take to ensure you remain in a position that best suits you and your family.

Find out how We Can Help


Want to know your options?

We understand that decisions about your future can be difficult, but knowing where you stand legally, what rights and responsibilities you have and how your assets might be affected depending on your next steps, can go a long way towards helping you make good decisions

At Doolan Wagner, we offer practical legal advice to help you, no matter what stage of life you might be facing. Whether your children are leaving the nest, you’re about to receive an inheritance, or you simply want to know your rights before deciding what the right relationship move might be, we can help.

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