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Separation can be an emotionally stressful time. By understanding your rights and responsibilities, as well as the legal options available to you, we can help you move forward.

Doolan Wagner can guide you through the decision-making process, by helping you to decide how you would like to manage many of the practical aspects of your separation — from dividing assets, to deciding where you will live and how parenting arrangements might work.

Many of these practical decisions can be difficult for couples to properly consider when emotions are heightened. This is where we can help. Our experienced separation lawyers can take you through the possible scenarios, and offer practical and legal advice as to how best to achieve an amicable and favourable solution.

We can give you an assessment of how the Courts are likely to view your relationship and the factors it is likely to consider should your matter need to progress to litigation. By having this understanding, and being fully prepared, it will help you to avoid lengthy and costly legal processes where possible, and give you more control over your future.

We are a firm of confident litigators, who do not succumb to intimidating tactics. Our approach is always to seek a positive solution, and we are willing to hold strong for the interests of our clients if need be.

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Are you in a De Facto Relationship?

In Australia, more people are choosing to live together without getting married. When you separate, how your relationship is defined can have a significant impact on how your property and assets might be divided, and whether maintenance can be applied.

With De Facto Relationships being treated increasingly like marriages, with the same ability to have the court make determinations, it’s important to know both your rights as well as your responsibilities.

Separation Lawyers FAQ's

Separation is widely recognised to be one of the major stresses that anyone can face. It is second only to facing the death of a loved one. Taking the time to gather your thoughts and then seeking good advice before you do or say anything is crucial. Once this is underway, you are better equipped to decide which is the best path ahead for you.

Separation takes its toll on every aspect of your life.  It’s therefore important to:

  1. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally and seek help if you are slipping.
  2. Remember to keep your children’s best interests foremost in your mind.
  3. Be realistic that it is likely to take some time before everything will be sorted out and you will be able to move forward with confidence.
  4. Reassess your expectations. You separated for a reason so things are likely to be different. Expecting the same will only lead to disappointment.

nitially the best thing to know is where to go for help. Choosing the right family lawyer for you can make a big difference to the outcome of your matter. Knowing what questions to ask is also really important. Write a list of questions for your lawyer so you leave the lawyer’s meeting fully informed.

It’s very tempting to rely on friends for advice when times get tough. However don’t mistake your friend’s opinion for sound and reliable family law advice. Trying to manage the fallout of a separation yourself is probably short sighted. In brief, don’t think that you need to go it alone.

Nearly all family law matters settle without the need for a final hearing in the Court. Litigation should be considered as a last resort for most families. With the help of a good family lawyer you can reach a sensible and workable agreement with your ex most of the time.

Five of the best things that you can do include:

  1. Get expert advice early.
  2. Gather all the facts and documents.
  3. Stay focussed on the outcome you want to achieve and don’t get sidelined by distractions.
  4. Balance this challenge with your day to day life.
  5. Ask questions if you are unsure of what the “next steps” are.

Choosing the right time to tell your children that you are separating can almost be as important as what you actually say to them. When the opportunity presents itself keep the message simple. Avoid blaming the other parent and provide lots of reassurance. Having a plan, even for the immediate future can be comforting for children at this time.

A separation and divorce can be expensive. Getting the best advice up front can help you save thousands of dollars. We offer a no obligation fixed fee initial consultation for $350. Every one of our client’s report back to us that the meeting with us was invaluable. Your children and your finances are two of the most important things in the world. A relatively small investment initially can make a big different to the outcome in the end.

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