Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers welcomes Nicole Pozovsky

Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers are pleased to announce that Nicole Pozovsky has joined our firm as a Family Lawyer.

Nicole completed her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology Sydney and has been working exclusively in the area of family law.

Nicole joins us having previously worked with two specialised Family Law firms on Sydney’s North Shore. This experience has familiarised her with the issues affecting the community and assists her in providing a tailored response to your needs.

Nicole’s experience has honed her skills in dealing with the issues affecting separating couples and achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Nicole has a particular interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution practices to ensure the early and cost-effective resolution of Family Law matters. This can often be achieved through negotiating a settlement outside of Court and preparing Consent Orders to reflect the settlement terms. Consent Orders can deal with both parenting and financial matters, and can be tailored to the needs of your family.

The benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution include:

  • Timely resolution of your Family Law matter;
  • More cost-effective than court proceedings;
  • Less adversarial process with a focus on cooperation and reaching a resolution;
  • Ability to negotiate a settlement that is tailored to your family needs e.g. religious beliefs, traditions, work-schedule etc.

Nicole is experienced in drafting Consent Orders, which are legally binding and enforceable Orders that are mutually agreed by the parties.

Consent Orders are a cost-effective means of securing an equitable outcome, without the burden of lengthy court proceedings. Consent Orders can deal with most aspects of a settlement including:

  • The sale or transfer of a home or investment property;
  • The splitting of superannuation interests;
  • The sale of shares;
  • The reorganisation of business interests;
  • Equal shared or sole parental responsibility;
  • Setting out parenting arrangements including who the child/ren live with and spend time with;
  • Parenting arrangements during school holiday periods and days of religious significance; and
  • Issuing and maintaining the child/ren’s passports.

Nicole is focussed and dedicated to offering practical solutions to parenting and financial matters. Nicole’s Russian language skills are also a unique and much valued asset to our team.

Nicole can be contacted on 94370010 or

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