Initial  Consultation

Your first appointment is your chance to share with us your concerns about your situation. It’s your chance to tell us your story.

We will listen, and ask you a series of questions that help us to understand the potential legal issues. These questions are helpful for us to prepare advice that is appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Although we understand that the subject matter might be difficult, the more details you can provide, the better we can understand how we can help you. Sometimes it can help for you to jot down a few notes beforehand, with key dates, spelling of names and any information you feel is important.

Often you have a lot of questions about what you are facing. Jotting these questions down and bringing them along with you helps provide you with confidence and control, so at the end of the initial conference you are better placed to meet the challenges you are facing.

We offer a reduced fixed fee for your initial consultation. Whether or not you choose to have us represent you following this meeting, you can be confident that you will leave this consultation with a better understanding of both your legal position and potential options. Please call our office to find out more.

If the matter involves a property and financial settlement, then some notes regarding assets may be helpful. Any other information you have about how you acquired those assets and what debts and liabilities you have may also be useful. You can bring along with you current documents including bills, mortgage and credit card statements, but this is not absolutely necessary.

For matters relating to children, we will need to know some basic details (such as their full names and dates of birth) and some current information about them, including where they go to school, their interests, and any special needs they may have (such as medical treatment). It helps to bring whatever you feel might be useful, and we can decide on the day what is helpful and what it missing.

Sometimes people bring along with them a support person. That could be a family member, trusted friend, colleague or adviser; again, however, that is not necessary, but they are most welcome.

Absolutely none. For many people, some initial advice is all they need. For others, this is a chance for you to assess whether you might think our practice is the right fit for you. While most initial consultations are the beginning of an ongoing client relationship, there is no obligation for you to hire us.

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