Sara holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Business Management and is currently completing her Masters of Laws (Family Law).

Sara is experienced in providing advice in respect of property and parenting matters, as well as more complex matters involving Hague Convention Applications and Relocation.

In addition to practicing in family law, Sara is an experienced legal practitioner and has also undertaken legal work in commercial litigation where Sara has assisted her clients with navigating and resolving their commercial disputes. Sara’s commercial background compliments her practising as a family lawyer. Her commercial experience allows her to identify various issues and provide the most practical and cost-effective solutions and advice for her clients in respect of settlements involving businesses as well as other financial matters.

Given Sara’s litigation experience, Sara strives to obtain the best possible outcome for her clients and strongly believes that all aspects of alternative dispute resolution be explored to try and resolve the dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner prior to resorting to litigation.

However, where litigation cannot be avoided, Sara is adept at representing her clients in both the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

In addition to practicing as a solicitor, Sara is also focused on giving back to the community and provides ongoing mentoring and career advice to young people in the Western Sydney region.


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