I’m writing this to formally thank you and your firm for representing me as my lawyer.

None of the words are good enough to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was a dramatically upsetting process, given all possible tough attitudes, difficult personalities, unwillingness to negotiate, unprofessional actions from the other side, my financial situation, bad experience from previous lawyer and so on, without your help I could never get to this stage.

Your willingness to help and to acknowledge my concerns have made things a lot easier for me to get through the difficult times and have settlement done within a year. I want you to know that I really appreciate your approach – fair, professional, honest and yet very comforting and caring. They are exactly what I needed in this situation.

Thank you again. I wish you a Merry Christmas  and a very happy, successful New Year.


- Rebecca L

Dear Lisa,

I want to commend Nicole on doing such a great job handling my matter to date. I can’t fault Nicole, she has been terrific and I feel very confident going forward in this sometimes difficult and complex case. Regardless of the outcome of course, knowing that it depends on many factors, I’m very happy with Nicole. Many thanks.

- Nancy H

Dear Lisa and Nicole,

I just wanted to thank you both for all the work leading up to and during court today. I am very pleased with the outcome and I thought our barrister was outstanding.

I know how much work you both did behind the scenes to ensure a good outcome for me and it is very much appreciated. It’s good to feel for the first time since this began that things have started going my way. I know there are still a lot of challenges (and with them a lot of stress) ahead but for now feel a huge amount of relief and faith in you and the system.

Thank you both very much.

- Simon L.

We have completed the sale of the house. This closes a chapter in my life and the future looks bright. You made this process easier than I anticipated. I feel a great weight off my shoulders.Sincere thanks for your consultation, advice and representation. You navigated and negotiated to a successful outcome, all the while being sensitive to my situation and that of my children. I will (and have) recommended Doolan Wagner to anyone in the same situation.



- Chris B.

I have been working with Lisa and the team at Doolan Wagner regarding settlement from a de-facto relationship breakdown.
Originally my settlement proceedings were under the care of another firm of solicitors, from which the original solicitor had been excellent initially in regard to my case. However once matters were underway my solicitor had no available time and when I called to try for an update on my case, her personal assistant was abrupt.
At this same time an important letter had failed to reach me nearly two weeks after the date of sending and my charges contained details from another clients bill, I had little choice but to review my options in regard to legal assistance.
I called Doolan Wagner after hearing from a friend that had been in opposition with them that they were thorough in their approach. I met with Lisa Wagner, initially to assess if my case was worth pursuing. Having had the above experience I felt my case may not have been worth a solicitors effort and time, and as such, was at the point of walking away.
Lisa and the team at Doolan Wagner have been consistently wonderful to work with, honestly a great team of friendly, helpful, empathetic and professional people that I would definitely recommend.
Thanks to the advise and support received, settlement continued, which was difficult and emotionally draining at times. Doolan Wagner helped me through all of these hurdles, without their guidance, help and support I would have walked away and regretted my decision. It is because of their guidance that a worthwhile outcome for all parties was achieved, and one that has allowed me to place full closure upon this chapter in my life.

- Kerrie R.

Thanks so much for your help over the last year or so and for guiding us to a good resolution, an amazing outcome given some of the challenges. Please also thank the team at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers in Sydney for all their hard work, it has been a joy to work with you all, a great team made up of professional, dedicated, hard working and lovely people.

I would like to wish you all the very best for the future. Honestly I can’t thank you enough for your help, thank you so much.

- Clarissa P.

Finally… I want to offer you both my sincere gratitude for everything you have helped me with and the gracious way in which you have always assisted and dealt with me. By its very nature, I appreciate that family law is a frustrating process at times and that you would not be immune from this frustration even though my matter does not directly affect you. On a personal level, the process can become very depressing at times and to know that someone has always been by my side to offer guidance has brought immense comfort during some dark periods. You are worth twice the hourly rate (no just kidding)!

I wish you both continued success into the future and shall not hesitate to send people your way for assistance.

See you next time round…haha!

- Trent D.

I want to sincerely thank Lisa and the team at Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers for all their hard work and exemplary service in guiding, and supporting, me through what has been a very difficult time in my life. Throughout my entire involvement, the communications has always been prompt, and the advice given always clearly explained, logical, and aimed at minimising conflict and protecting the children. Lisa’s court representation skills were outstanding and she possesses an excellent network of professionals to call upon in related fields. Critically, her negotiating skills were key to avoiding the need for a final hearing, and the outcome achieved was sensible and fair for all parties concerned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa Wagner to anyone in need of family law assistance.

- Tony D.


Thanks so much for all your hard work in getting to this point, it still hasn’t sunk in that I can finally close this chapter in my life.

It’s a fantastic outcome! A massive thank you to you and the team at Doolan Wagner for your great advice, patience and professional approach throughout this time.

Many thanks Lisa, have a great Easter!


- Cynthia P.

I changed lawyers and luckily found Lisa Wagner after I had been given the runaround by a supposedly top notch lawyer in the city to whom I was paying top dollar.


Lisa straight away grasped our somewhat unusual settlement ideas and got on with the job quickly and efficiently with total understanding.


She is a lawyer with great common sense and communication skills and I felt she genuinly had my best interests at heart.


I was very happy with my outcome and the quick turn around so would highly recommend Lisa and her team, it  took all the hassle out of what originally was a very stressful, drawn out and expensive beginning.

- Yvonne M.