Family matters can be difficult. Quality legal representation makes them easier. Five reasons why you can be confident in choosing Doolan Wagner:


We are a Specialist Family Law Firm

Family Law matters are all we do. This singular focus is important when choosing legal representation, as it ensures that you are being represented by leading practitioners in the area of law you need help with.


We are a Small, Experienced and Talented Team

If you want personalised service, a small, dedicated law firm is the answer. Our reputation depends on achieving the best possible results for our clients, not on large advertising budgets. If you want personalised service, a small, dedicated law firm is the answer.

Each member of our team has been selected based on their skills, legal knowledge, experience and their performance in the courts. We pride ourselves on our client focus and quality advice.


We Have a Great Reputation and Strong Relationships

As your legal representative, our reputation matters. It is important that you have a legal team that is not only well regarded by the courts, but also by other law firms. Having built positive relationships with many others in Family Law following years of practice, you can feel confident that with Doolan Wagner, a respected firm is representing you.


We are Professional

Family Law matters can be stressful; they can also feel very personal. With Doolan Wagner, you can trust that your privacy will be respected at all times, and your comfort is a priority. It is our job to alleviate your stress by providing you with responsive and effective legal advice.


For Us, You Matter.

If you have selected us as your legal representative, we take our responsibilities to you very seriously. It matters to us that you feel taken care of, that your concerns are being addressed and that the advice you are receiving reflects your best interests. It’s why we place such an emphasis on our service to you, not just our advice.

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